Asantehene has done more for Ghana than any government, seek wise counsel & apologize or we shutdown all your churches – Ashanti youths to Dag Heward Mills (video)

According to the youths of Asante in a press briefing, the king of Ashanti, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II has done much more for Ghana than any government. And they; youths of the ‘Asante kingdom hold their king in high esteem.

Youths of Ashanti released a statement after briefing the press. It all started when an audio of founder and leader of Lighthouse chapel International, Dag Heward Mills’s leaked where he was heard to have used some derogatory words against the king. The man of God God hours ago, released an official statement, apologizing to the king but hours after his statement, youths of the kingdom had a press briefing demanding the man of God to ‘seek wise counsel, to apologize within 24hour period’ or they would have no option than close down all his churches in the kingdom. Leader of the group said. ‘We are giving you 24hours to apologize to our king before all your churches are closed in Asante land. When we mean Asante land, its not only Ashanti region, wurawura, Bono etc are all involved’ he furiously said.

Here’s the statement from the group

In a video, former President of the Republic of Ghana, John Kufuor also condemned what the man of said, noting, Otumfuo has very remarkable achievements.

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