At least 1,500 Americans stranded in Afghanistan as evacuation deadline ends in hours – reports

Reports say at least 1,500 American citizens are still in Afghanistan as the deadline for all evacuees to leave Afghanistan nears. This has caused a lot of public uproar as many Americans are not happy with developments.

Many have expressed their sentiments, citing that Joe Biden’s administration have evacuated more Afghans than Americans.

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The U.S have evacuated approximately 95,700 people from Kabul in the past 11 days and roughly 101,300 people since the end of July. Former National finance chair of Draft Biden 2016, Jon Cooper disclosed.

But Secretary of state Antony Blinken says there are at least 1,500 Americans stranded as evacuation deadline nears. They have therefore warn citizens not to travel to Kabul airport as it stands as a ‘very high threat of a terrorist attack ‘

“The danger and those risks have been increasing each and every day as we always knew they would, and that’s why we’ve been moving with the haste that we have” he said

Biden’s administration is taking steps to evacute every American before time elapses

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