At least 2 confirmed dead after Russian missiles hit NATO member Poland (Video)

Two people have died in Poland after Russian missiles crossed into Poland

Russian missiles crossed Ukraine into a NATO member Poland late hours of Tuesday. The missiles are said to have killed at least two people, several media houses including The Associated Press reports.

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Ukraine authorities earlier reported that Russian Federation launched 90 missiles on Ukrainian cities but they were able to shoot down 73 out of the 90 reported.

“73 out of more than 90 cruise missiles shot down. As well as 10 enemy Kamikaze drones. Glory to the Airforces of Ukraine. You are the best of the best, everyone in Ukraine is grateful to you” Minister of Defence of Ukraine, Oleksii Reznikov said awhile ago.

A top American intelligence official hours ago said Russian missiles crossed Ukraine and landed on a NATO member Poland, leading to the death of two people.

The explosion is said to have accurred at a grain drying plant in Przewodow just about 10 kilometres the border of Ukraine according Polish fire service. Below is map of the area

Watch footage of the incident

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