(Video) Ayisha Modi Reveals The Source Of Moesha’s Insane Behavior

Ayisha Modi reveals the supposed source controlling Moesha’s madness.

The controversial celebrity disclosed that a certain Nigerian pastor is responsible for Moesha’s insane behavior.

Two days ago, Moesha was caught on camera preaching the word of God and confessing her sins including directing young girls to sleep with men.

Moesha’s demeanor at the scene was quite questionable. People believe she was mad or about to go mad. Others, too, believe she is experiencing depression.

It was a sad scene and Ghanaians reacted negatively to it. Some believed that Moesha is faking others too, think she has really changed.

However, loudmouthed Ayisha Modi indicated that this Nigerian pastor gave Moesha an oil to drink and she has since been behaving this way.

Click on the link to watch video.


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