Bawumia announces e-feeding programme for students

Dr. Bawumia announce e-feeding programme for students

β–  Bawumia announces e-feeding programme for students

Vice President of the Republic of Ghana DR. Bawumia announces e-feeding programme for Ghanaian students.

The vice was addressing students, participants and authorities during the 7oth anniversary celebration of Fijai Senior High School in the Western Region of Ghana, precisely Takoradi.

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The Vice President said the e-feeding programme will be launched next month to track daily manu access of the country’s school feeding programme according to Dr. Bawumia said implementation of the e-feeding programme would help stop funds embezzlement. He said the digitized programme when luanched when will end petty thievery and fund embezzlement in the future.

“we should not let history of slavery and colonialism enslave our mind set. We are coming late into the game and we are able to leap frog a lot of systems and charged the students to reach for the sky in anything they set their minds on” the Vice president said.

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Dr. Bawumia said when it comes to digitization, Ghana is far ahead of most developed countries across the world.

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