President Joe Biden says his son, Beau Biden died in Iraq (Video)

A video of US President Joe Biden, where he mistakingly referenced his son’s death has surfaced on the Internet

President Joe Biden in his Florida speech earlier today said his son of blessed memory, Beau Biden died in Iraq.

In his speech on Russia’s invasion ofUkraine, the US President emphasized that every country is not stable at a moment, saying “inflation is a worldwide problem right now because of a war in Iraq”. He told his audience and quickly corrected himself, “excuse me, war in Ukraine”

The President categorically said on two occasions that his son, Beau Biden died in Iraq.

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Losing a loved one is terrifying, not to talk of losing a son. And it’s obvious though the President’s cherished son, Beau Biden passed on years ago, he still thinks about him dearly, and it’s something he can never let go of.

“inflation is a worldwide problem right now because of a war in Iraq, excuse me the war in Ukraine. I’m talking about Iraq because that’s where my sin died” he said.

It is believed the President’s son died of cancer in 2015, 6years after his tour in Iraq. Many Americans also believe the reason he’s been saying his son died in Iraq is because of how he was exposed to carcinogens in the war-torn country years ago, which is also a grave cause of cancer.

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