Bill Cosby freed from prison as his sex conviction is overturned

American actor and movie producer Bill Cosby has been released from prison after the supreme court in Pennsylvania vacated his 2018 conviction on sexual assault charges CNN reports.

Bill was charged for sexual assault in 2018 and given a 10year jail term in a state prison for drugging and sexually assaulting one Andrea Constand, an assault which happened at his home14years ago.

The Monthomery County District Attorney who previously prosecuted Bill said he’s free on a procedural issue that is “irrelevant to the facts of the crime”

“I want to commend Cosby’s victim Andrea Constand for her bravery in coming forward and remaining steadfast throughout this long ordeal as well as all of the other women who have shared similar experiences. My hope is that this decision will not dampen the reporting of sexual assaults by victims. Prosecutors in my office will continue to follow the evidence wherever and to whomever it leads. we still believe that no one is above the law, including those who are rich, famous and powerful” District Attorney Kevin Steele said in a statement.

His release has been faced with mixed feelings and reactions from several celebrities and Americans.

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