Black people are being stopped from leaving Ukraine (Videos)

Africans are being stopped from crossing Ukrainian border

Black people are being stopped from leaving Ukraine

Back people are being stopped from leaving Ukraine according to multiple vidoes circulating on social media.

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In one of the videos, a Ukrainian soldier is allegedly sported serving as a blockade to prevent Africans from entering a train. The video has since gone viral and a large number of blacks , including whites are protesting online.

watch video below

Here are some reactions

“The Black people fleeing Ukraine are being mistreated speaks the most consistent themes of whiteness. Even when humanity is called for, there is always room for racism” John-Allan Namu

“The treatment of black people at the ukraine Polish border is what we mean when we say that, in a period of crisis, people who are already discriminated against will suffer the effects disproportionately. Also remember, racism doesn’t care about your education or class” Dr Ayo Sogunro

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“Resists in Ukraine do not see a Nigerian, Zambian or South African when it comes to who gets into the train first. They just see an African. Unite or we perish” @ali_naka

Another video shared by @nzekiev is very scary.

According to him, most of them are students and the police threatened to shoot them when they tried to cross to Poland.

“Watch how they are threatening to shoot us”

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