Breaking news: Makola inferno allegedly caused by spark of a generator (video)

Fire engulfs Accra’s biggest market, Makola market for about six hours now. We all woke up to hear the sad news of the fire that emerged from one storey building, on the third floor.

According to an eye witness, there was power outage in the area and almost all these shops have generators. One of the traders told Manuel, who happens to be a journalist from JoyNews.

“There was a power outage, there was lightout and you know a lot of these stores have generators. So during power cuts, they normally use generators. There was power cut hours ago so in one of the shops up there, one trader quickly sparked his generator and sadly it gutted into fire. You know these generators are operated using fuel so that caused it” he told JoyNews.

All traders at the market stand aloof while they watch security officials try to stop it. According to most of them, they have lost all their goods.

“I can’t say the number of things lost, it’s a huge lost for us. One shop can cost not less than 1 million cedis” he told Maxwell Agbagba of JoyNews.

After six hours of the inferno, Ghana National Fire Service, the Police and the Military are still at the scene to try to quench the fire. As of now, tensions are a bit down as they try quench the fire but all business activities have been put a halt as we speak.

Mp for Odododiodoo, Hon. Nii Lante Vandarpuye said he’s very impressed of work done by the fire service persons.

“I am very impressed about work done by the fire service. At least they have been ab6ro secure some of the buildings. There’s also an issue of illegal connection. Some people are talking about electricity going off and all that, we have to deal with all these issues” he told Maxwell Agbagba

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