Breaking news: President of Haiti, Jovenel assassinated at his residence (video)

Reports reaching has it that the President of Haiti His Excellency, Jonenel Moise has just been killed at his residence.

President Jovenel was assassinated in an attack in the early hours of Wednesday at his home on the outskirts of Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince, Peime Minister Claude Joseph announced minutes ago.

“A group of unidentified, some of them speaking Spanish attacked the private residence of the President of the Republic and thus fatally wounded the head of state. The country’s security situation is under the control of the Haitian Police and the armed forces of Haiti” the Prime Minister said.

Footage of the his assassination

Since 2018, there has been political instability in Haiti and a number of protests, demanding his resignation over an alleged corruption ongoing in the country.

According to Claude Joseph, the Presdeint’s home was attacked early hours of 1:00 local time (5:00GMT), which landed to his killing with his wife suffering severe injuries.

He was only 53 years and had been in power since February 2017 after his predecessor Michael Martelly stepped down. The opposition said his five year term in office should have ended in February 7, 2021. But according to the former President, he had one more year to serve his people since he did not assume office until February 2017.

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