Bride charge guests money for food at her wedding

Bride charge guests money for food at her wedding

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Bride charge guests for food at her wedding reception, an incident many netizens are not happy about. The bride to be charged Rs 7,300 which is approximately 97.93 United States dollars.

Her story became the talk of town after it was first published by a Reddit user in India. According to sources, she decided to charge a dollar per head because she and her husband to be couldn’t afford the bills, they were not able to bear the expenses of the reception, and therefore have no option then to demand money from guests.

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Many guests wbo have been invited to grace the wedding complained bitterly. Some even said they have to fuel their vehicles, to be able to drive miles away to attend the wedding so the charge was not necessary.

Here are some reactions

“Friend just invited me to her wedding but on the invite, it states “we are unable to afford the wedding food so it will be $99 per head banquet style”

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And she complained bitterly. “Oh its also a four hour drive away from us and kid free so we need to pay for petrol, accommodation, outfits, baby sitter and our food to eat at the wedding”

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Some of the replies were just very interesting. “I wouldn’t even let the ink dry on the ‘unfortunately we are unable to attend’ reply before I mailed that off” one social media user said.

Another user also said its a no for him, revealing one who can’t afford to feed guests should know the type of wedding to organize.

“That’s a no from me. If you can’t afford to feed your guests, then don’t have some type of wedding” he said

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