Bridget Otoo couldn’t broadcast because of a ‘powerful man within Metro TV’ & powers from above – an insider

Ace investigative journalist, Manasseh Azure Awini gave accounts why Briget Otoo could not go live on air few hours after Metro TV announced that she was now a member of the giant Media House yesterday.

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According to what Manasseh Awini posted on his wall, Bridget Otoo was stopped by ‘certain powerful man within Metro TV’

“Bridget Otoo was supposed to read the news yesterday. But as she was making up, there was enormous pressure to stop her from going on air. The MD said he would not stop her so a powerful man in the business stormed the station with a motorcade. Some powers above were not happy that the outspoken lady was being asked to read the news” Manasseh revealed

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He also revealed how Randy Abbey, host of popular morning show, ‘Good morning Ghana today’ was not happy about developments so he boycotted the show this morning.

But the matter was resolved this morning as the broadcast journalist was able to read the news this evening after little preparations were done.

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