Burkina Faso defeats Tunisia to qualify for #Afcon2021 semifinals

Burkina Faso have won all their quarterfinal games against Tunisia

Burkina Faso defeats Tunisia to qualify for Afcon2021 semifinals

A goal by Burkina Faso in the first half separated the men from the boys tonight. It was an outstanding goal from Ouattara that sealed the victory for the West African country.

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The Burkina Faso team are gradually becoming a great force in Afcon competitions. In 2013, they were finalists, they took third place in 2017. And they have now made it to the final four in 2022 after defeating Tunisia.

The performance from Burkina Faso was astonishing, even after hearing about the recent coup that has left the country in shambles.

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Goal scorer, Dango Ouattara is only 19years old. He signed his first professional contract with Lorient Football Club in 2021. Two years ago he played for Majestic Academy in his country. He has so much potential, looking at his goal tonight against Tunisia. His composure on the ball to cut back before the final finishing is top class.

They have been underrated fast forward into the tournament but the Stallions are taking everyone by surprise, Winning matches by defeating ‘big’ teams in the tournament.

They have now won all their three quarterfinal games against Tunisia, and that’s a remarkable achievement to triumph over forever.

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