Casemiro: I rose from Abject Poverty to become one of the best Midfielders

Casemiro was forced to look after his family at just five years of age when his father left him and his two siblings.

His childhood days prepared him for the challenges he faced in his professional career that has seen him break the glass ceiling.

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The Brazilian International won every available trophy to him alongside Toni Kroos and Luka Modric at Real Madrid before signing for Manchester United.

Casemiro hard upbringing prepared him into the star he is today. The midfielder was raised by a single mother in Sao Paulo the capital of Brazil.

His father abandoned them when he was fice years old. Being the elderst child in a family of three children, Casemiro was forced to step up and take responsibility for the family at such tender age.

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He might have risen to the very top professional football but his life journey was not in the walk.

It was reported that casemiro once broke down during an interview as he recalled how he was not able to get or but yoghurt due to lack of funds. The yoghurt was just 20 cents.

The 30 year old was shocked when he was given a room of his own, and it was well furnished inside, he was 11 years old when he joined Sao Paulo youth team. His journey to stardom started then.

Casemiro has won five champions league tittle and also won three la liga.

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