Castrate all rapist – Singer, Efya Noktunal react after Ghanaian lesbian open up on how she was raped by boys

Ghanaian lesbian, Elladeevah Ellios narrates her story how she was raped by boys. According to the Ghanaian lesbobo (lesbian), she was once raped by boys for two good days. Oh it must actually be a bad day right?. Two bad days.

Ghana’s top female singer, Efya heard the news and she’s now happy. She angrily tweeted with an angri emoji on tweeter, asking for all rapist to be castrated when caught.

‘I keep saying we should castrate all rapist. All of them. Efya posted.

Many boys on Twitter are not happy with her comments. According to them, Efya must channel same energy if boys are raped by girls as well. In 2020 Efya posted on her Twitter feed, saying how boys enjoy being raped and men on Twitter are not happy with her at all. They brought up the receipt of her post in 2020.

She wrote ‘how are you receiving a BJ you don’t want? Like you could not stop her’

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