Celine Dion celebrates son’s 21st birthday in grandstyle

Celine Dion send emotional message to her son on his birthday

Celine Dion celebrates son’s 21st birthday in grandstyle

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The ace songstress sends emotional message to her darling son on his 21st birthday day

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Celine Dion has sent an emotional message to her lovely son, Rene Charles. She remembers vividly how handsome Charles was born into the family, she remembers how surprised everyone was when he finally arrived 21years ago and how everyone loved him all at once.

She shares how they nurtured him and how they gave him the best of life he ever wanted. She also expressed her gratitude to her son for allowing them as parents.

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“21years of dreams have already passed. We gave you life. Thank you so much for this wonderful gift that you gave us to become your parents. From this day on, I’ve been dreaming of watching you grow” she said.

She went on to send him motivational words which will help him in life.

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“Your intelligence, your generosity, your courage and your great sensitivity that never ceases to move me. Keep exploring and above all, listen to your heart knowing that you are always carried by our love, so that now your own dreams can come true. Happy birthday Rene Charles, have fun my darling” she wrote on her Facebook page

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