chalobah sends message to Liverpool after Keita’s tackle

Chalobah sends message to Liverpool after Keita’s tackle

Chalobah sends message to Liverpool and referee after Keita’s tackle

Chelsea defender, Chalobah has sent message to Liverpool and the referee who officiated the Carabao final match. The young defender said he just can’t understand the referees decision after Naby Keita ‘dangerous tackle’.

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The tackle from Keita got many fans furious. Some say that was a clear red card. To some, it’s a clash between the two players and neither of the players should be blamed.

“This is why it wasn’t a red. If Keita gets a red, so does chalobah. Chelsea played very well and so did we. Obviously we can do much better than this was a final. The fact that there is so much anguish literally proves what we say. They are only upset because LFC won” BoldMonk_

“How Naby Keita hasn’t received a red card for kicking chalobah’s penis I’ll never know” ChrisWittyngham

“It was a 50/50 ball. Both chalobah and Keita had their legs high up. So I don’t think that merits a card” Javierdejunior1

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Watch the tackle and make a decision as well

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Trevoh posted on his twitter page, revealing how frustrating it is for him to get multiple stitches and does not understand how the referee’s decision was the right one.

“Had to get stitches because of this. Referee is right there I don’t get it”

Reports that Trevoh had about six stitches.

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