Chelsea striker, Lukaku deactivates his twitter account

Chelsea striker Lukaku deactivates his twitter account

Romelu Lukaku has deactivated his account for reasons known to him alone

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The Belgium International and chelsea forward deactivates his twitter account after hours after he posted a picture on the app.

Reasons for deactivating his account is still unknown but netizens say it was because of trolls.

He posted a very nice picture of himself with the caption. “Some people have played themselves trying to play me”.

He deactivated it hours after the post. “Lukaku deactivates his twitter?. What a shame man, one of few players who actually showed some personality on social media” @concfc on twitter reacted.

Chelsea days ago defeated Juventus to advance to last 16 of the UCL. Read more Chelsea beat Juventus to progress to UCL last 16.

They will meet Lukaku’s former club, Manchester United on Sunday. But the player has been away for weeks due to injury. Many people think he would love to play to prove a point.

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“Got a feeling Romelu Lukaku has been looking forward to playing his old team, Manchester United this Sunday. I will want him to prove a point, and for me he should start the game” @Frankkhaliduk said


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