China calls Russia its “chief strategic partner” in the world

China says relationship with Russia is solid rock

China calls Russia its “chief strategic partner” amidst Ukraine invasion

China calls Russia its chief strategic partner in the world. Chinese foreign minister, Wang Yi says the relationship the Asian country have with Russia is “one of the most crucial bilateral relations in the world and must be free from third party interference”

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The foreign minister was addressing the Chinese people in the wake of Russia invading Ukraine when he made his statements.

“China and Russia are both permanent members of the US security Council. And each other most important close neighbours and strategic partners. Our relationship is one of the most crucial bilateral relations in the world. Last year, the two sides commemorated the 20th anniversary of the China Russia treaty of good enabliness and friendly cooperation” he revealed.

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He also said

“The China Russia relationship is grounded in a clear logic of history and driven by strong internal dynamics and its rock solid. No matter how precarious and challenging the situation may be, China and Russia will maintain strategic focus”.

watch full video below (CGNT)

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