China says it won’t send weapons to Russia, believes in diplomacy

Chinese Ambassador to America Qin Gang says China want peace

CHINA SAYS it won’t send weapons to Russia, believes in diplomacy

China says it won’t send weapons to Russia but rather work with both their Russian allies and Ukraine.

President of China Xi Jinping told Joe Biden last week his country was not ready to send weapons to Russia. Russia last week asked China to supply weapons to use on the Ukrainian people.

Days after President of China Xi Jinping disclosed that to his American counterpart, Chinese Ambassador to America amplified it in an interview.

Chinese Ambassador Qin Gang told Face The Nation Journalist, Margaret Brennan his country believes in diplomacy and not supplying of ammunition.

According to him, this is not the time to condemn any nation but rather time to promote peace talks. He told Face The Nation Journalist Russia will never back down if the West continues to condemn Vladimir and the Russian Federation for their actions. Donald Trump had earlier said Putin would not stop unless a tough leader like him talk to him: Putin invading Ukraine could lead to World War III – Trump

“We want to continue to have good friendly relationship with Russia” the Chinese Ambassador said.

Face The Nation Journalist Brennan asked “in no circumstances, why can’t you condemn this as an invasion?”

The Chinese Ambassador “don’t be naive, condemnation doesn’t solve the problem. I will be surprised if Russia will back down by condemnation. What is urgently needed is peace talks. We will continue to promote peace talks. And urge immediate fire. We need wisdom, we need courage and we need good diplomacy” Qin Gang said.

Russian soldiers yesterday told Ukrainian forces to surrender Mariupol by 5am or face consequences but Ukrainian soldiers are still at Mariupol this morning after telling Russians surrendering and giving up on Mariupol was not an option. Ukrainian soldiers are obviously not ready to surrender Mariupol, and the street fight continues.

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“China has good relations with Russia, has good relations with Ukraine and China keeps close communications with the United States and with Europe” the Chinese Ambassador said

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