China set to cancel broadcasting of Premier League games

China boycott premier league games

China set to cancel broadcasting of Premier League games

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China is set to cancel broadcasting of premier league matches this weekend. Reports says the plan is to block out planned shows of solidarity following Russia’s military offensive on Ukraine.

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China was among 35 countries across the World who refused to make any comments on Russia invading Ukraine. China was simply absent.

According to BBC, the biggest country in Asia will pull TV coverage of the English Premier League this weekend. Hours after FIFA and UEFA issued a statement suspending all Russian football clubs and its national teams, Premier league also followed their step. □ FIFA and UEFA suspends Russian national teams and clubs from all competitions

“Chinese rights holders have told the Premier League they will not English top flight matches this weekend because of the league’s planned shows of support for Ukraine” reports.

“we call for peace and our thoughts are with all those who have been impacted. We wholeheartedly rejects Russia’s actions. Football stands together” premier league also issued a statement after FIFA and UEFA’S.

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Premier league have been showing flags of Ukraine, armbands, Ukrainian national flag and all other related colours in solidarity

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