Chinese national who made Malawian kids to say “I’m a Black monster” in videos have been extradited to Malawi

Lu Ke who is a Chinese national will make racist videos about Black children for monetary gains

Lu Ke have posted a lot of racist videos about Black people on social media. The Chinese national who had been residing in the country has been extraditedgto Malawi after his racist videos went viral

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In some of his viral videos, the Malawian children are seen saying “I’m a Black monster, my IQ is low” and many more racist comments.

He fled Malawi to Zambia but Zambian government have sent him back the Malawi after his arrest. He is currently facing charges relating to racism and child exploitation. Lilongwe state prosecutors have already levelled five counts against him. Many Malawians are furiously disturbed with the content of the videos.

The children were happily making demeaning sentiments of themselves with innocent intentions under the guidance of Chinese racist, who posts these videos to Chinese social media platforms for entertainment purposes and intern make money.

His documentary was first published and exposed by BBC

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