CNN’S Christiane Amanpour plead with Nigerian songstress Salle to interview her after discovery

CNN’S Christiane Amanpour plead with Nigerian songstress, Salle to her after discovery.

Nigerian songstress Salle is currently enjoying her ‘little’ fame after a group of people discovered her talent in Nigeria. Salle, a head porter, is now in the studio recording her first song reports say. Her ‘magical’ voice has gotten the attention of many online. She tweeted a while ago that Rihanna gave her a phone call. While we’re still doing our checks to find the authenticity of that twitter page, we would like you to take a read I got a call from Rihanna – 17year old Nigerian songstress, Salle reacts after discovery

Under that same tweet, the account claimed she got a reply from CNN’S anchor journalist Christine Amanpour

“someone please tell me its a dream. Amanpour invited me for an interview. This can only be God” she tweeted with screenshot of Amanpour’s tweet.

Our team however did a quick check and we discovered Amanpour never replied any tweet of that kind.

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