Confidence Adjei Community Development Projects (CACDeP) appoints Board Members and Certified Volunteers


On 18th August, 2022, The management of the famous Community Development Oriented Organization, Confidence Adjei Community Development Projects (CACDeP) appointed board members and certified Volunteers at the various levels to work towards building our communities through the Ancient Communual Labour System.

The founder and President, Mr. Confidence G Adjei expressed his appreciation to the board members, management and volunteers who are working tirelessly toward achieving the overall objectives of the organization. He continues to entreat the public to come on board to achieve these goals as development must be achieved through Unity.

Below are the newly appointed board members and certified Volunteers:
Board Members
✅Dr. Alisa Whyte, Arizona USA
✅ Dr. Karim R. Ellis, USA

Certified Volunteers
✅ Phyllis Frances Edinam Dorgbedo (CACDeP Advocate)
✅ John Kwesi Agbotro (National Coordinator)
✅ Selorm Noagbedzi (National Coordinator)
✅ Anthony K. Sessi (National Coordinator)
✅ Gladys Torgah (Diaspora Volunteer, Kuwait)
✅ Francis Komla Affo (Social Media Coordinator)
✅ Kelvin Mawunya Ashong (Media Associate, 247News)
✅ Maxwell Ametefe (Volta Regional Coordinator)
✅ Juliana Osei Dufie (Volunteer)

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Confidence Adjei Community Development Project is an initiative by Confidence Adjei, the Managing Partner of Nexus Professional, a legally registered business entity with Reg, No. Reg. No: BN140482020 to provide business consultation to SMEs in line with Accounting and Taxation, Inventory Management, Training, business diagnosis and development. Nexus Professional has been operating since 2015 but was formally registered in 2020.
Confidence Adjei Community Development Projects is a social intervention to help contribute to the empowerment of communities and young individuals as a whole. It was started in 2015 and financed personally by Confidence Adjei as a social responsibility towards mother Ghana. The project over the years sees to the training of over 4,000 young individuals across the country.
The project
Confidence Adjei Community Development Projects focuses on three major areas depending on the situation in the identified communities. These are:
Removing of Schools under trees: This project aimed at helping to construct school unit blocks for rural areas with no or deplorable school structures. The project will see to the construction of the school unit blocks using the community labour forces such as carpenters, masons, plumbers, electricians and other casual workers. The Confidence Adjei Team will provide the necessary materials towards the construction of the projects.
Provision of Clean and Safe Water: The project focuses on bringing to communities, boreholes or wells to support the livelihood of the communities which are faced with water problems. This project seeks to solve the issue of inadequate access to clean and safe water within some identified communities.
Empowering of young individuals: This is one of the projects that is dear to my heart, I called it passion. In this project, the team seeks to train, coach, mentor and empower young individuals in rural communities who are underprivileged in entrepreneurship, business pitching, technical and vocation skills, social entrepreneurship, mindset, career development and cognitive behaviours. The team has partners who are certified coaches, speakers, mentors, trainers, business leader, business developers, consultants and social entrepreneurs.
Sustainability Plans
Confidence Adjei Community Development Projects (CACDeP) is aware that the most important of social and community-based projects is the sustainability of the project. Thus, how the project is maintained and used for foreseeable future. For this reason, the team has outline below as the measures to sustained the CACDeP within the communities.
Involvement of Community’s heads such as the youth leaders, chiefs, MMDCEs and other volunteer leaders.
Constitution of community – based CACDeP monitoring and evaluating team to constantly monitored completed projects.
Documentation of all projects for proper accountability and future references
Regular and timely maintenance of projects within the communities.
Partnership with companies, individuals and other agencies.

Below are pictures of volunteers and Board members

Execution Strategy
Confidence Adjei Community Development Projects (CACDeP) employed the ancient communal labour strategy to execute its projects. Thus, CACDeP collaborates with community leaders (Chiefs and Youth Elders) to solve their own problems. CACDeP partners with organisations to provide the funds, materials and other relevant resources while the community provides the various human resources such as carpenters, masons, painters, and other skillful labour.

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