Couple smokes on their wedding ceremony, gets many talking

Couple smokes on their wedding ceremony, gets many talking

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Video of newly wedded couple smoking on their special day goes viral and many people on social media can’t stop talking. In the video the young woman and her wedded husband are seen smoking as they play some romance at the wedding ceremony.

The groom on twitter as ORUNMILA posted the video on his twitter page with the caption “some people eat wedding cake, we smoke it” he posted. The post, since went viral as netizens react. While many applaud them, few also believe its unethical.

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But many people believe the act from the couple is very romantic and deserve some acolades. The video already has over 1 million views on twitter after 16hours.

here are some reactions

“Oh I’m feeling this! Congratulations to y’all. I hope y’all have a lifetime of high and happy love”

“I would’ve cried cause I know how am, I always want the girl to roll up and I would’ve looked at her like! OMG, I’m smoking this blunt with my wife. God is so good”

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Some also like it but it’s a no for some to marry someone who smokes. One twitter user also brought in African parents, revealing no African parent will tolerate such act on the wedding day of their children

“This is so sweet but I can never smoke nor marry a smoker. Congratulations though”


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