Couple who birthed one black & white twins prepare them for High School in a lovely video documentary

Couple who birthed one black and white twins prepare them for school in a lovely video documentary surface online.

The beautiful twins Marcia Biggs and Millie Biggs look identical when they were young but their different looks gradually changed as they grow. Couple from different races, black and white came together to birth these amazing babies. Millie takes after her daddy, Michael who has a Jamaican ancestry with brown skin and tight dark curls. Little Millie’s beautiful skin continues to be more dark skinny just like her dad.

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Marcia however inherited her mother, Amanda’s fair complexion. As the couple prepares them for High School, Amanda warned the teachers of Solomon International Business School located in Aston Birmingham in United Kingdom that both girls are twins and are related regardless their colour.

“when I told that they were twins, they would always be stunned. I notice a lot of people doing double takes. It does get a bit irritating sometimes when you have people stopping you in the street all the time” mother of the twins Amanda said

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Amanda went on to describe what they like and dislike, emphasising that they do things almost the same and together.

“They do absolutely everything together, and they’re always making videos of themselves singing and dancing together. When they were younger, Millie was always quite shy but as she’s grown up she’s become a real bossy-boots. She’s very organised and in control and is often telling Marcia what to do. Millie is a beautiful princess and loves to wear clothes related to princess and have lots of dolls. Marcia is a lot more of a tomboy. Marcia has taken gymnastics while Millie loves drama performances. Both are very outgoing and positive, which is wonderful. Other than the differences in skin tone, they look almost exactly the same. They are both absolutely beautiful and they make me proud every day” she said

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Watch video below

“The girls were very excited for their first day at school and are looking forward to starting their classes and meet new people” Amanda concluded

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