CPAC made a post, suggesting America stops supporting Ukraine

A picture after Putin declared annexation of four Ukrainian territories

The United States have been supporting Ukraine since the war begun in February 24th

American Republican and Conservative platform CPAC posted a message on twitter, suggesting the United States to stop throwing its might behind Ukraine. The post was later deleted by them but was captured by many Democrats, who are against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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Some Americans, who support tye Republican party believe the United States have helped Ukraine enough, and it is time for President Biden and his government to do more for Americans who are paying taxes. According to them, there are natural disasters eg floods, bush fires, earth tremors and other pressing issues going on the government must fixed.

“Meanwhile, we are under attack at our southern border. When will Democrats put America first and end the gift-giving to Ukraine ?” CPAC posted.

The statement has since been criticized by Americans especially by Democrats.

Below are some reactions

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