Creative baker builds cake into a 4 storey mansion for her client (Video)

Creative baker

This is absolutely creativity at its peak for the young lady who baked the cake like a storey building with everything complete, a full house indeed

Her storey mansion cake quickly went viral just hours after he posted it on TIKTOK. The story of a creative baker who built her cake into a four storey house with everything in it is what everyone is talking about on TIKTOK.

According to the story by YEN, she was asked to prepare the cake for a married couple but was two hours late because she had forgotten the date until the bride drew her attention.

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In a video spotted by, the young lady is seen with her huge cake, displaying her work at the wedding ceremony with a gospel song at the background.

The Tiktok account, Sugabender posted it with the caption “It was great privilege to head the cake of the show with my amazing team” he posted. What video

Here are some comments from social media users

“can someone close my mouth for me. Omo this is out of words”

“in fact, I’m following you for this”

“It’s so beautiful, please don’t eat it”

“some people’s gift is beyond me”

“OmG this cake is so beautiful”

Reactions from TikTokers. Their names we could not identify.

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