Cristiano Ronaldo and his little son working out together

Cristiano Ronaldo is just doing what every good father would do

Cristiano Ronaldo is noted to be a father who wants to be close to his children and all his family.

A recent photo of Ronaldo who is undoubtedly the best footballer in the world is what everyone is talking about on the Internet. He was seen training with his son Ronaldo Jr months ago in Dubai. They also had very beautiful moments to bond like a father and son. Example is how Ronaldo trains with son, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. in Dubai last year.

Again this year, the Manchester United legend has been seen in latest photos working out together with his little man. While many applaud him for doing a great job, some also criticize him for not letting the small boy enjoy childhood.

Cristiano Ronaldo is pictured with his little son, instructing him to “wait” and “bend” properly, “two that’s it, five, nice and the last one”.

The player also posted a beautiful of him and Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. “Recovery time with my boy” he said

In as much as his fans enjoy seeing him train his boys, some also see it as him “worrying” the children as they have been working out together for a while. He simply want his sons to he like him which is possible. The children are also unique and could become anything they want to become. However, training them is at a tender age is not bad either.

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Here are some reactions on twitter

“allow the kid to be a kid”

“a good father and a teacher”

“He’s building a monster, if he can follow his father’s footsteps then it will be crazy”

“poor kid didn’t get to have a childhood”

“Ronaldo will harm all his sons by training”

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