Cruel history of Russian new overall General Alexander

“Butcher of Syria” has been appointed by Russian government to takeover Russian Ukraine war


Cruel history of Russian new overall General Alexander, who has been named Russia’s “overall COMMANDER” for its war with Ukraine

In October 2016, United Nations described the situation in Aleppo, Syria as “slaughterhouse” and it was him in charge.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Zeid Al Hussein in 2016 said Aleppo was “a slaughterhouse and a gruesome locus of pain and fear where the lifeless bodies of small children are trapped under streets of rubble and pregnant women deliberately robbed”

Here’s a cruel history of Russian new Commander. GENERAL ALEXANDER DVORNIKOV has a cruel history as a Russian commander over the years according to reports. Will the “BUTCHER of Syria” earn another nickname in Ukraine?. Or will the “butcher of Syria” be eliminated by Ukraine soldiers since many Russian commanders have been killed?: Ukraine army confirm they have killed another Russian commander

ABC news outlet reports that General Alexander DVORNIKOV has a history of targeting civilians. Many war experts predict the General’s appointment by Russian government is a bad sign. They reveal it is deliberate move by Russian government to target more civilians.

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“The appointment of this new General indicates Vladimir Putin’s intent to continue this conflict for months, if not ten years. He is the goon called in by Vladimir Putin to flatten cities like Aleppo in Syria” Stavridis said.

“Russia’s reported appointment of General Alexander DVORNIKOV who has a history of targeting civilians, to take over operations in marks what some military analysts as an indication that Russia intends to terrorize civilians as the war progresses” ABC News report.

More than 15,000 Ukrainian civilians are declared missing according to Ukrainian government including 1222 dead bodies of Ukrainian civilians found in Kyiv, Ukrainian General Prosecutor announced yesterday.

And also the tragic incident at Kramatorsk two days ago: Ukrainian civilians dead after Russian rockets hit train station in Kramatorsk

General Alexander DVORNIKOV reportedly used similar tactics in Syria which earned him the nickname “the butcher of Syria”

Stavridis also said General Alexander DVORNIKOV “used tools of terrorism throughout that period, including working with Syrian forces, torture centres, systematic rape, nerve agents. He is the worst of the worst”

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