Cryptocurrency heist hacker returns $260m to company, says he doesn’t need money

A cryptocurrency hacker has returned $260m ‘almost half of $600m of stolen assets. The hacker is said to be behind one of the largest cryptocurrency heists up to date according to BBC news

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The hacker posted messages on his twitter page announcing his intentions to return funds. The cryptocurrency company on Tuesday published a letter on Twitter, reaching out to the hacker to find a lasting solution to the problem, ‘to work out a solution’.

The firm posted that it had been sent back three cryptocurrencies Including $3.3m worth of Ethereum, $1million worth of polygon which belongs to the firm and $256million worth of Binance Coin

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But the hacker indicated that he/she was no longer interested in the money and just hours after the letter was published by Poly Network, the cryptocurrency company, $260million was refunded.

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“I know it hurts when people are attacked but shouldn’t they learn something from those hacks?” the hacker asked questions by writing notes embedded on the Ethereum Blockchain.

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The firm operates a Blockchain platform which allows users to swap different types of digital tokens

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