Dad abandons his son at school after discovering he’s not his biological father

A Chinese dad has sparked outrage online after abandoning his son at school after finding out he’s not his biological kid.

Dad abandons his son at school after discovering he's not his biological father

It was reported that last week, the man took his 5-year-old child to school as he usually did however this time, he didn’t get back to pick him up.

Disturbed by this, the kid’s educator recognized as Chen, made a phone call to his dad to inquire as to why he’s yet to get his child from school however he eagerly would not come to the school, expressing that he done a DNA test and found he’s not the biological dad of his child.

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The furious dad further expressed that the kid who is being related to the moniker “Xiao Rui” is presently the school’s concern.

Chen likewise went to Xiao’s home in a bid to drop him off yet found that the spot was unfilled and the kid’s mom was additionally mysteriously gone.

Following the occurrence, the school reached the police who called Ziao’s granddad and uncle however they supposedly likewise wouldn’t get the kid.

The news has sparked outrage on Chinese microblogging website, Weibo, as Chinese residents express dissatisfaction in both the dad and mother of the young kid.

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