Daughters are now more worth than sons – Uncle Ebo Whyte

Daughters are now more worth than sons – Uncle Ebo Whyte

Ghanaian film maker, Uncle Ebo Whyte says Daughters are now more worth than sons, says he will pick a daughter over a son anyday anytime

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According to him, the edge of wanting a son is a cliche because daughters are doing far better than sons. A son will marry a woman and forget about his family and those who brought him into the world. The film maker revealed that, it was only important in the olden days when there were inter-tribal wars, when sons will use their strength and might to go to war.

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“In the days when there were inter-tribal wars. We needed men for wars. So a male child was another soldier. A male child was an insurance policy to ensure that this community would be able to hold its own. And we forget that what the role of law has brought to us is that my property my property” he said on TV3NEWDAY

He detailed that the practice is not only in Ghana, Africa but all across the world when women suffer from families they marry into when they’re not able to produce male children.

“unfortunately, sometimes we forget the reasons why certain things were put in place. So a long time after the relevance of that situation, we are still going by solutions we found to a situation that does not exist anymore” he said

Speaking on the importance of the female child, Uncle Ebo Whyte said daughters have proven over the years to be more reliant even when they have just little to offer, they can go the extreme to make sure they take proper care of their parents. A daughter will leave her husbands house and come back home as caretakers, he added.

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“If we’re able to equip those girls, if we’re able to enable them to become the best that they can be, you will never know pain and suffering for the rest of your life. They never leave home. Daughters make sure parents are well catered for all their lives whether they have the means or not. They pay attention

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