David de Gea: I feel as if I’m from Manchester

David de Gea says Manchester United is his home

● David de Gea: I feel as if I’m from Manchester

Manchester United keeper, David de Gea says he feels he’s from Manchester. He was speaking to news outlets after Manchester United-Leeds clash, when he made his intentions known.

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“Now I feel as if I’m from Manchester. Honestly, i don’t see myself away from Manchester United. I just feel like anyone else from Manchester. Where you are loved and welcomed is your home. I’ve been here for many years” Utd report disclosed.

David de Gea also speaks on his performance at Manchester United. According to him,the first and topmost job of a goalkeeper is to stop goals from entering the goal post and he’s been trying to achieve that every day.

“What a goalkeeper has to do is to stop goals going in. That’s the most important thing. And then, if you have the talent or the quality to be able to play with your feet and have good vision, that’s phenomenal” he told Uefa.

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Manchester United beat Leeds United 4-2 yesterday to secure another 3 points in the Premier league.

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