David Petraeus: America will destroy Russian army if Putin uses nuclear weapons in Ukraine (Video)

Former American General David Petraeus

A former Army General of the U.S central command has revealed that the United States will not hesitate to react if Vladimir Putin use nuclear weapons in Ukraine

David Petraeus said all indications have shown Putin is losing in Ukraine, and that won’t stop. “Russian President Vladimir Putin faces an irresistible situation amid the country’s land grab in Ukraine” he told APC News.

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Ukraine continue to retake more territories. They were able to capture Lyman just hours after Putin announced annexation of four territories.

“We will respond by leading a NATO effort to take out every Russian conventional force in Ukraine and also un Crimea and every ship in the Black Sea” the former CIA Director emphasized.

Putin had earlier called up 300,000 reservists but the retired American General said all that won’t help Putin. “He’s currently in an irresistibly desperate situation”.

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But Will Putin use nuclear weapons in Ukraine? what does that mean for the world?. Will NATO respond swiftly?

Well here’s something we all should ponder on. WWI was four nations versus 27 allied nations and it lasted over a period of four years. Also, WWII was eight nations versus 50 allied nations and it also lasted six bad years actually. Putin using weapons of mass destruction could trigger a WWIII. No wonder former President Trump warned earlier that Putin invading Ukraine could lead to World War III – Trump.

Expects now warn the probability of Russia using nuclear weapons is very high, and that could lead to WWIII. And Russian Federation is likely to lose because more countries are likely to be on the side of Ukraine.

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