Deontay Wilder suffered another humiliating defeat in the hands of Gypsy King, Tyson Fury (Video)

Deontay Wilder has suffered his second defeat in the hands of Tyson Fury.

This is actually the third time and probably the last time both fighters would be fighting. The first time they met was in 2018 where they had a draw. They later fought again February 2020 where Wilder suffered his first defeat before the covid-19 pandemic.

Both fighters pledged to give the world a third banter this year. Before the fight, Wilder said he was going to fearlessly beat Gypsy King. When ask why he was defeated in 2020, he said Fury never knocked him down. “Fury never knocked me down, it was just his best night” wilder said. Watch the build-up to this very fight here Build-up to Tyson Fury vs Deontay wilder fight (video)

Both fighters started very well, with Fury knocking Wilder down first round. Wilder quickly responded by knocking Fury twice in the second round. Both fighters fearlessly fought well but Wilder became very weary at the very end. His legs became very weak, and couldn’t stand Gypsy King’s last punches. This video below summed it all up

And the very last rounds give us a vivid summary of this Heavy Weight banter. “It was a strong puncher and he’s a tough man. He gave me a real run of my money tonight, and I always said I’m the best in the world and he’s the second best” Fury’s words after the fight

Right now it’s clear Wilder is out of the way. Maybe it’s time for Joshua vs Fury fight. Or will Wilder face Joshua? Well let’s see what the future holds.

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