Stop Using Your Vaginal Fluids As Perfume – Doctor warns on twitter

A lady who wants to vab her vagina

There’s a current trending growing among Africans especially Ghana and Nigerian women. Its called vabbing Also called Vaginal Dabbing is the practice of using bodily fluid as Perfume with the belief that it sexually attracts men to them.

The idea behind vabbing is that the vaginal Fluids may contain pheromones. The theory goes that pheromone play a role in how many animals communicate with each other, therefore, they may play a role in attracting sexual or romantic partners in humans.

Women who engage in this practice dip their hands inside their vagina, take their vaginal Fluids and dab it on their wrists and thr back of their ears.

This act is both useless and dangerous it is useless because it does not work.

Pheromones do exist in lower animals but their presence is higher mammals like humans is still under staring debate. Therefore this practice does not work.

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Good personal hygiene and good dressing will attract men to you. If you want to top it up gk for lipo and and you can attract any kind of man you want. Dabbing is useless as unicorns. A myth.

Vabbing also has a lot of health risks sticking your hands randomly inside your vagina can increase risk of infections. Moreover, Vaginal Fluids is acidic, we do not know what it can do when dabbed on the skin, because nothing of this sort had ever been done before.

We also do not know what kind of long term reaction it causes. Dabbing is a risk. It’s not healthy.

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