Donald Trump has lost lawsuit against Twitter in Florida court. His suspension still stands

Former President of United States, Donald John Trump has lost a lawsuit filed against social media platform, Twitter.

The former President’s account was suspended by twitter, Google and Facebook for “spreading false news and instigating violence on January 6 2021 after his supporters thronged the Capitol Hill. He later accused ‘big tech ‘ for censorship and filed lawsuit against them. Read more here President Trump sues Twitter, Google, Facebook CEO’S for censorship (video)

President Trump sues Twitter, Google, Facebook CEO’S for censorship (video)

Months later, he announced his own social media platform, TruthSocial, revealinghis platformwas for free speech. Read more Former President Trump breaks silence on his new Social media platform, Truth Social

Donald Trump had filed another lawsuit demanding his account be restored Donald Trump want his twitter account to be restored, asks a judge to force Twitter to do so

But the judge in charge of the case ruled in favour of the social media platform, saying being President does not mean he should go against the rules of the company.

Robert N. Scola Jr ruled in favour of Twitter’s motion to move the case to the Northern District of California rather than the President’s home in Florida. The judge also stated emphatically that “Trump’s status as President of the United States does not exclude him from the requirements of the forum selection clause in Twitter’s Term’s of service”


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