Donald Trump’s border policy ‘is a disaster’ Vice President Kamala Harris (video)

According to President Biden’s deputy Kamala Harris, the border policy of former President Donald John Trump was totally disastrous.

“So first of all, what is happening here now is in many ways highlights, many facets on the issues of immigration. It was here that previous administration’s child separation policy was unveiled and we’ve seen the disaster effects of that right here in this region. It is a disaster” the vice President said.

The Vice President made this statements at El Paso when she was responding to questions in regard to recent US border security.

she’s been faced with several backlash after her response to questions on American border control policy. Former White House press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders has described current security issues at the border as direct results of President Biden’s administration. “The crisis at the border is the direct result of the Biden administration and all the ridiculous Kamala Harris photo ops in the world won’t fix it”

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