Dozens of Ethiopian men mass up at Russian embassy to fight against Ukraine


DOZENS of Ethiopian men mass up at Russian Embassy to fight for Russia. The men continue to gather in front of Russian embassy in ETHIOPIAN capital Addis Ababa for about two days now.

The young men said they have been told soldiers are being recruited to fight in Ukraine, and they were ready to fight for the Russian army.

A video shared by Reuters on twitter disclosed their willingness to fight for Russia. Some say they would like to be enlisted into the Russian army so they could stay in Russia forever when the war is finally over.

Some of the Ethiopian men gave account of the hardships they are facing in the country and are willing to take this opportunity to better their lives and that of their families. Some also say they do not intend to fight against Ukraine but it has become necessary to do so because of their current status (hardship).

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A forty year old retired soldier who is now a security guard told Reuters his intentions is not to fight against Ukraine. According to him, his main reason is because he is not benefitting from the Ethiopian government.

“The reason I want to go to Russia is not to fight Ukraine but because I’m not benefiting from my country. I will rather be a national of a different country” he said.

According to reports no Ethiopian has been sent to Ukraine to fight for Russia but the Ethiopian men continue to register their names at the Russian embassy in Addis Ababa. They have also been asked to provide evidence of their military background according to the Reuters. As to whether the Russian Federation is preparing them to fight against Ukraine, its unclear.

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