Eden Hazard scores 115th minute winner for Real Madrid, makes Chelsea fans happy (Video)

Eden Hazard scores a 115th winner for Real Madrid, first goal fornthe season

Eden Hazard scored 115 minute goal winner for Real Madrid, Chelsea fans happy

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Many Chelsea fans are happy for Eden Hazard, who scored a 115th minute winner goal for Real Madrid

Real Madrid posted a video of the goal to celebrate with the former Chelsea forward. Watch video below

Many people are surprised as to why many Chelsea fans were happy for the Real Madrid player for his electrifying goal. Their celebrations would make you believe Eden Hazard was still a Chelsea player

“The way Chelsea fans celebrate Eden Hazard scoring as if he’s still with us. Genuinely one of only a few players in our history loved by 100% of the fan base. Prince of Stamford Bridge” (Dubois) on twitter who is a Chelsea fan tweeted

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Real Madrid were down to 10 men and losing to Elchie 1 – 0 in extra time. And then the saviour of the day came in. He came in to the rescue of Real Madrid to send them to Copa del Rey quarterfinals

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