Edouard Mendy’s Football career, successes and shortfalls

Edouard Mendy’s football career

Edouard Mendy’s Football career, successes and shortfalls

Here’s something brief about Edouard Mendy’s career. Edouard is a Senegalese athletic who plays football for English football club Chelsea.

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In 2014, he registered with Polo Emploi. Polo Emploi is the French service for unemployment people. He had to join because of his unemployment status. This was after he left AS Cherbourg. He had looked for job on countless occasions but never got one. So he had to stop looking for job as a footballer which he did.

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in 2015, he contemplated on quiting football forever but he kept moving forward. There was something in him and it was passion. In 2016, he signed with league 2 side, Reims and fast forward in 2018 he made his first debut.

Mendy later signed for Chelsea in 2020 and since then his life has never been the same. In 2021, Edouard Mendy lifts champions league for Chelsea, becoming the very first African goalkeeper to win the UCL trophy in history.

Edouard Mendy wins FIFA Men’s Best goalkeeper award in 2022, making him the best goalkeeper in the world. Read more. Edouard Mendy now the best goalkeeper in the world

The Senegalese keeper is now in Afcon2021 finals, waiting patiently to play with either Cameroon or Egypt.

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“life cannot be meaningful without challenges and difficult times. How we are able to pick the pieces together when we fall is what makes life meaningful and more beautiful, never give up”

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