(Video) Egypt opens new prison which contains library, shopping mall, playgrounds, workshops, School, hospital, factories etc.

Egypt opens new prison under the supervision of International Human Rights Organization which contains library, shopping mall, playgrounds, workshops, hospital etc.

Africa’s Northern County, Egypt is said to have built a new prison which is made up of social amenities and basic infrastructure for human use. A video of the facility shared on Twitter by Africa Facts Zone has gone viral and everyone is talking about it. Many social media users are complaining about how nothing has been done in infrastructure when it comes to jail facilities across Africa. Some have jokingly asked of crimes to be committed to go to such prison. Can you imagine?

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The country is said to have closed her old Prisons and have opened a new one in its desert of Wadi Al-Natroun. The facility has “courts, painting, singing, sculpture, pottery halls, a wooden furniture factory, metal furniture factory, dairy factory, feed factory, food products” according to Africa Facts Zone.

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“whiles Prisons in sub Saharan Africa especially Ghana are far from been reformation centres. They learn new criminal skills and these alleged criminals are reintegrated back into society as hardened criminals. We need to fix up” one twitter user said

source: Africa Facts Zone

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