Egyptian coach, Carlos Queiroz gets red card

Egyptian coach Carlos Queiroz has been sent off the pitch

Egyptian coach, Carlos Queiroz gets red card

Egyptian coach Carlos Queiroz was sent of the pitch after ‘unprofessional behaviour’ according to experts. He was seen in a heated argument with the referee in Egypt vs Cameroon match

Egyptian coach Carlos Queiroz was sent off the pitch after a heated argument.

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Carlos Queiroz have been complaining right from the beginning of the match. is yet to ascertain the actual cause of his rant.

The referee officiating the match had warned him about his posture and behaviour at a point in the first half of the game but he ignored. And continued his rant in the second half.

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Here are some comments on social media (twitter)

“The Egyptian coach is very unprofessional, I hate nonsense. What was that about you just want to undermine the best referee in Africa come on let’s support each other” (Mr. Boye)

“The referee definitely had something against the Egyptian coach because how was the coach the person to be booked when he (the ref) should’ve been watching the players. Petty guy he is (kofi)

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“we are seeing Mourinho in Afcon. Man’s deserved that card. You can’t be stressed and mess the touch line” (@evelyn_nakayi)

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