(Video) Ejura Enquiry: Wife Of Kaaka Reveals Events Prior To Death Of Her Husband

Wife of the deceased, Ibrahim Mohammed alias Kaaka, recounts on events prior to her husband’s death and added that the deceased even had arguments with her suspected brother.

A committee was set up to delve into events leading to the death of Kaaka who was murdered by Mob.

During the ongoing enquiry, wife of the deceased noted that she warned her late husband to refrain from posting videos on Facebook because it is tarnishing the image of the ruling NPP party.

She said, “My husband asked, ‘what exact thing do I want him to stop?’ I told him to stop posting videos on Facebook because it is destroying the image of the party.”

“But my husband asked, ‘how did you know about my Facebook videos because you don’t have a smartphone?’ He further asked, I presume your brother Billa told you this?’

That moment Billa attacked my husband to fight him but the two got separated by some men there,” she added.

“Fast forward, my husband rode his motorcycle and left the scene. Later, he returned home and I cautioned him to stop visiting the NPP base at Ejura,” she noted.

These are the events the wife revealed ere Kaaka’s death.

Kaaka’s death brought an uproar at Ejura and resulted to the death of two other people. It is believed that the deceased was a member of the Fix The Country movement.

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