Elijah DeWit: 18year old Georgia High School football shot dead

Georgia High School football star Elijah DeWit was shot dead while on a date with his lovely girlfriend. He was shot and died instantly in a Dave and Buster’s lot outside the Sugarloaf Mills Mall on October 5 in Lawrenceeville.

Two teenagers, Kemere Bryan and Chandler Richardson 18 and 19 years respectively, who are suspected accomplices has been arrested to assist on investigations.

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Reports that Elijah DeWit was shot by the two teenagers after a heated argument between them. They have been charged with malice and felony murder, aggravated assault and possession of firearm.

An eyewitness who was nearly told Fox News he has never seen anything like that in his entire life.”I was at Dave and Buster’s, I heard people screaming, I look towards my right and I see someone lay down. I’ve never seen anything like this man” he said in a 911 call obtained by Fox News.

Police told news reporters it appears both parties were familiar with each other when they met. “Detectives are still working to investigate the motive behind this incident. It appears the suspects and the victim were familiar with each other and when they encountered each other in the parking lot, an altecation took place and then the shooting Gwinnett police said in a statement.

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