Elon Musk and his children meet Pope Francis

The richest man on earth is currently in Italy having a great time with his family.

Elon Musk and his children meet Pope Francis probably to cool off in Rome after his transgender daughter said she was changing her name to Vivian.

Xavier Musk went to court to officially change her name, saying she does not wish to be associated with her daddy, Elon Musk anymore. Read more:Elon Musk’s transgender daughter cut ties with billionaire dad

Hours ago, the richest man on earth tweeted, saying he was a little bored. “Feeling perhaps a little bored”

Right in Rome with Pope Francis, leader of the Catholic faith and Elon Musk snapped an elegant photo with his four strong boys

Both Elon Musk and Pope Francis are yet to put to public what they discussed but many speculate they surely touched on the situation in Ukraine. Elon Musk from the beginning of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine supplied his Starlink satellite system to Ukraine which has been very helpful.

Pope Francis have also been playing his part. He and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky spoke on the telephone on some occasions.

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Here are some reactions after his post on twitter

He was criticized for his suit but he admitted it saying his “suit is tragic”. One of his followers questioned him why a billionaire of his calibre could don such an aparel to meet leader of the greatest church in the world.

“could you get a properly tailored of pants” Vibestrades

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