Elon Musk spoke to Putin before proposing peace deal report says

Elon Musk spoke to Putin

A new report suggests that world richest man, Elon Musk spoke to Putin before proposing a peace plan last week. Elon believe the only way to end the is through dialogue.

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American political scientist, Ian Bremmer also posted hours ago that the billionaire told him he spoke with Putin. “Elon Musk told me he had spoken with Putin and the Kremlin directly about Ukraine. He also told me what Kremlin’s red line were” he said.

Must however denied his claim, telling his followers not to trust nor believe what Bremmer said. “Nobody should trust Bremmer” Elon said.

Fast forward, Kremlin also issued a statement stating saying reports circulating of Elon Musk and Putin currently in talks are not absolutely inaccurate. So who will you believe now?. The billionaire, the political scientist or Kremlin?

Elon Musk who supplied Ukraine with his Starlink network tweeted a peace deal between Ukraine and Russia last week but his post was faced with several criticisms as many Ukrainians see him to be stabbing them at the back. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky also tagged the billionaire in a post, asking his followers which Elon they support. The one with Ukraine or Russia.

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