Erling Haaland leaves Dortmund for Manchester City

Erling Haaland is expected to sign a five year contract with Manchester City after Dortmund’s release as soon as possible.

Real Madrid was first interested in Erling Haaland until Kylian Mbappe came into the picture. And they are currently doing everything possible to sign the PSG player. He was spotted in a Madrid restaurant with Hakimi hours ago.

According to reports, the Dortmund striker is expected to join English Premier league next season. He would be allowed to play his last matches with Dortmund.

City Xtra reports the player have successfully passed his medicals at the Erasmus hospital in Belgium, Brussels.

Family of Erling Haaland believe their son have greater chance to progress in his career with Manchester City, looking at the style of Head Coach Pep Guardiola.

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City Xtra also reports that “Bryne FK will receive around £650k of the Haaland X Man City deal. As they trained him between 13-18, Bryne are due around 20% of the 5% of the headline fee that Fifa stipulates must go to the club that helped developed players”

Erling Haaland’s joining Man City will see him to be playing for an English club for the first time.

The club came very close to winning the champions league and several occasions but they couldn’t. It is believed that Manchester City has a greater chance of becoming champions again with Erling Haaland.

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