Ethiopia: Abiy Ahmed in trouble after winning Nobel Peace Prize

Ethiopia Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed in trouble after winning Nobel Peace Prize.

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Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government is facing rebellion groups who want him out of power. The Prime Minister who won the Nobel Peace Prize two years ago is witnessing massive revolution in his term of office as Tigray conflict continues.

The anti government alliance says it will “bring down” Ethiopian government “by force or by negotiation”

Abiy Ahmed also made his statement very clear this week, saying he won’t give room for enemies to topple his government. He has vowed to meet them squarely and fight to the very end.

This week, the opposition alliance, together with Tigray People’s Liberation Front, TPLF advance towards Ethiopia capital, Addis Ababa.

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The TPLF have over the years fought Ethiopian army all by themselves but it is now teaming up with eight other opposition groups to topple the government. U.S State Department has asked all its citizens to leave Ethiopia as soon as possible.

Below is a video shared on Twitter where mothers are worried their sons may end up dying when they to war

“A nation of great potential and immense cultural, historic and national wealth, Ethiopia will persevere through our current challenges. In unwavering unity we will remain on our path towards greater heights” the Prime Minister tweeted, insisting to fight.

People fear war will cripple development and scare investors.

Ethiopia is one of Africa’s great nations with diverse cultural heritage. Reports say this long lasting war could disstabilize the country and seriously affect relationship with her neighbours and International community


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